About Us

My passion for shoes was passed down from my father and I’ve been a “sneaker head” ever since I could wear shoes. I played sports throughout my childhood and basketball was a major influence in my life. I was born into the era of Michael Jordan being the best and that's how I became such a big sneaker fiend. However, my passion for sneakers increased as I started my first job working at one of the largest sneaker retailers (Nike Outlet). Since then I’ve worked at two other sneaker retailers and have also become an avid collector along the years. I’ve always known I wanted to be a business owner, so as my passion for sneakers increased so did my desire to start a business out of what I love. Working in sneaker retail, I quickly noticed that many of the more popular sneakers were only available in a limited number if at all in most smaller markets. After hearing numerous complaints about the new and exclusive styles not being available to certain areas, It made my brain began to start building a bridge to connect the two together. This problem needed to be solved, and I began building the bridge to connect the customers to what they want! Not what your local shoe retailers want you to have. As a result, Kingdom of Kicks was born!